In July of 2007, I released my short film Cannibal Flesh Riot! as a collector’s edition DVD with an accompanying CD of music inspired by the film. Ten years later, this creature feature is still enjoyed by fans who snagged up a copy. I look back at this film with fond memories. A group of friends with ambition and vision came together to make an eclectic film inspired by old black and white monster flicks, trashy exploitation, and Rock ‘N’ Roll. In commemoration of the Decennial, this same two-disc set is available for $10 for everyone to enjoy! I will be exhuming some old posters and postcards to throw into every order while supplies last. While looking for these items I will also be gathering up other out-of-print merchandise, as well as new items, to release on the site throughout the rest of the year

Go to the curios page to pick up a copy of Cannibal Flesh Riot! today and look for new items in the months to come.

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