Monsterpalooza Ad

Only a few days away from Monsterpalooza, which is creeping up on us this weekend April 7th-9th. My biggest announcement for the show is the release of new classic monster originals that will premiere at the show. These pieces include watercolor studies and pencil renderings ranging in price from $250-$600. I will not be doing event commissions at this time, so snatch one of these pieces up instead. I will also be exhibiting a few other originals, but mostly focusing on showcasing prints. I am still ever-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of the three newly published Wicked Nursery Rhymes books to come in (which should be any day now). I’m crossing my fingers that they arrive in time for the show. I will have the first four WNR prints available, but I’m also bringing a limited quantity of the next six WNR prints that will be released within the next few months. In addition, you can expect a library of my classic titles, new toddler shirts, and the Society of Grave Robbers garments. I will announce on social media any other items that I might stumble across worthy of bringing. I will be joined by musician/colleague/friend Curtis RX of Creature Feature, who will be gracing the MCP booth with his presence and his own diabolical creations. I hope to see you there.

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