The Bottle Imp Of Bright House


When thirteen-year-old Gabe Silver’s dad is laid off from his job, his family is forced to move to the run-down Bright House Apartments. Gabe’s bummed–but maybe there’s a way out of this mess. In a strange encounter with a stressed-out millionaire, Gabe becomes the owner of an old, glass bottle with an imp inside who can grant wishes. But there’s a catch: for everything the wisher gains, someone, somewhere loses something. Each wish is an ethical dilemma, but as Gabe scores a Ferrari, gets his dad’s old job back, and more, he’s certain a guilty conscience is worth it . . . isn’t it? Meanwhile, his bizarre neighbors at Bright House have caught wind that something strange is afoot. As the bottle imp’s power weaves its way through Bright House and beyond, it reveals unseen connections, ambitions, and desires, provoking questions about the way our actions affect others. This 224 YA novel contains approximately 20 black and white illustrations.

Suggested ages 8-17. HC 6″ x 8.5″

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