“Formula 86” Print release

Formula86 Print 1

This Friday, July 24th, my new print Formula 86 will be available for preorder. Formula 86 is a painting inspired by the book The Witches by Roald Dahl. It features the Grand High Witch in her “true form” next to a bottle of her Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker. Scurrying about on the ground and up her dress are piles of furry mice who had once been rrree-volting children.

During this pre-order period, this signed and numbered limited edition print will be priced at a magical $86. This offer will be available from 12 PM PST July 24th to 12PM PST July 29th. All prints ordered from my site are shipped for FREE.




BLACK FRIDAY arrives tonight at midnight! And along with him, I will be relaunching the store. Get all (or at least most) of my books signed and personalized when requested. A new feature to the store is free shipping on all prints. I will be offering my annual Black Friday sale which runs through Cyber Monday. Get 20% off when you use the coupon code FEARBLACKFRIDAY (all caps). Use it all weekend long. Welcome back and happy shopping.


Vintage Moving Truck

We have been busy packing our belongings for the great migration to a new life in my origin state of Nebraska. I have lowered prices on items in my store even more to lighten the load. Get 20% off everything (except for prints and original artwork) when you use the code: EXODUS at checkout. Items that are already marked down will have the 20% discount applied making those items as much as 70% off. This sale ends Monday night, July 8th, at midnight PST, at which point I will be temporarily shutting down the store until after we get settled into the new home. Some items will return. Some will be discontinued.

Enjoy your shopping here!


My family and I are about to make a big move to the midwest. This is both exciting and daunting, as I have lived in SoCal for over 20 years now and it has become as much my home as my roots back in Nebraska. There are many reasons that have lead to this decision and it is something that has been on my mind for a few year now. I don’t have all the answers right now, but will most likely go into depth when I have more time to reflect.

In the meantime…

Movingsale Ad

To avoid moving merchandise, I am offering a MOVING SALE to deplete inventory and liquidate some items. Starting now, everything in the store (except for prints and original artwork) is at least 10% off when you use the code: EXODUS at checkout. Items that are already marked down will have the 10% discount applied making those items as much as 40% off. At some time before the move in August, I will be temporarily shutting down the store until I get settled in my new location.

That is all for now. More about this adventure coming soon.


Procession Print

My new print, based on the painting “Procession”, will be available for Preorder February 11th at 5PM PST. Preorder this print before February 25th and receive a sketch remarque (original pencil sketch of a crow in the bottom border). ALL PRINTS ORDERED WITHIN THE FIRST 24 HOURS WILL GET A WATERCOLOR EMBELLISHED SKETCH!!! SO DON’T DELAY. OFFER ENDS AT 5PM FEBRUARY 12TH.


This Giclee print on archival paper is produced in a strictly limited Edition of 50, signed and numbered. Includes signed/numbered/embossed Certificate of Authenticity.

Size: TBD (but larger than any of my previous prints).



“Soul Collector”
Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper
12″ x 12″

My new piece “Soul Collector” is currently on exhibition at the Corey Helford Gallery for their “Art Collector Starter Kit” group show which through the month of December. All art measures 12” X 12” and I’m in wonderful company. Check it out.
Email sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com if you are interested in purchasing this piece.

571 South Anderson Street, Los Angeles, CA  90033
(entrance to gallery is on Willow Street)
310 287 2340 | Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm